After the New Moon…

After the New Moon…

So what is exactly happening after the New Moon?

Yesterday was New Moon, today a day after the energy of the new moon is still very high, so basically if you miss out yesterday to manifest abundance or set intentions, goals, etc… There is still time today!


We are moving into the next phase Waxing Crescent with Capricorn going towards Aquarius.

But for those who missed out on making the Abundance grid, here is mine.

I am using, green aventurine, for luck, clear quartz as a master stone, citrine for abundance and happiness , and pyrite, for prosperity and protection.

Comment below about your New Moon experience and what you do after!

If you are not a fan of grids, this is what you can do! Place your crystals in a crystal water bottle. These bottles are great and available here on the website in the Reiki section. The bottles are limited so make sure to pick one! They will be all reiki Infused, cleansed and charged of course.


You can have a note under the stones or grid with your intentions, goals, etc…. Work towards your goals till the next lunar phase.

This crystal combo can even go into my crystal water bottle!

Have a great lunar phase!



A happy 2021

A happy 2021

This year will be good. This will be my Motto, my thinking, my Mantra…. I will not even mention you know what year!

And with New beginnings in mind, I want to share with you some inspirational images, items, that make us smile, gaze and wonder…

Here is a painters pallete from Egypt….. Or an agate portrait from the 18th century, or Galileos Moon drawings….

Paint pallette Egypt

Imagine the vibrant colours back in time….

Look at the exquisite look of the sculpture… That must be love!

Also his drawings are fabulous!

Galileo moon

And if this armour does not remind you of lace….. I don’t know what does!


I hope your 2021 started fantastic! Remember to always smile!




And the winner is….

And the winner is….

Let’s say goodbye to a crazy 2020 Giveaway is finished today!

Since this year was a drain, and one hit after another tried to slap me down, I stood up to face it. I know that many people feel the same and many small businesses struggle atm.

To lighten up the mood, I was hosting a giveaway Australia wide and invited 20 Australian brands to say goodbye to a crazy 2020! So they did and the giveaway started on IG!

And finally today, we have a winner!

The wonderful, Amy was lucky and won the giveaway valued over $800!

Thank you all for taking part and for coming together! Let’s hope 2020 does not have more negative surprises for us! I am positive that 2021 will be a great year!

Be original!

Good vibes only!




Moon Bath

Moon Bath

Taking a bath… is always a relaxing time, especially when you are a woman. I know men like a bath as well, but women really take it to another level!

Having a glass of wine, listening to music in a hot tub with oils, bubbles, and aromatic colorful bombs, this is the new relax moment we all need in life… But there is more, way more to all this….. Have you ever wondered how it all started? Humans were taking bath since the Stone Age. Waterfalls and hot springs, were the places, to go! After many years the Romans made, bathing special with the Roman Aquaducts, and from there on is spread like wildlife. If you want to find out more about Bathing, check it out here!

Do you know how many types of bath is there? From a quick dip to a therapeutic bath, a traditional Turkish Hamman, to a River bath to nordic Ice bath!

But let’s focus today on the Moon bath and how you can make yourself feel better, fresh, and reborn! Click HERE to download your Freebie on Mew Moon and Full Moon bath. I give you all the recipes that I use myself in these two phases.

It’s easy on the full moon, get ready to let go of everything that does not suit you anymore! Emotionally, physically, mentally, etc… Get into a warm/hot bath relax with music or simply have quiet time!

What you need! 

  • flowers ( Roses/ Lavender /Jasmin/Orchids/Peony/Chamomille)
  • Herbs ( Rosemary/Sage/ Bay Leaves/ Lemon )
  • milk
  • honey
  • essential bath oils
  • a silver coin 
  • quartz crystals 
  • bath salts 

The flowers – what they do for you! It’s not only pretty but it’s important for the skin!

Roses – hydrate, Lavender- calms your mind, Jasmin- the smell is divine. Orchids-reduces wrinkles Peony- tones the skin and Chamomille-heal the skin. 

Herbs like the one mentioned above recreate and refresh the skin! So when you take a bath, regardless if it’s a moon bath following the lunar phases or simply a bath to relax, take your time and use some of the recipes in the Freebie- They are all my favourite and I can’t get myself to pick one!

Please check out the freebie download just in time for the New Moon!




2021 Diary

2021 Diary

 I know 2020 is pretty much a lost game…. Most of us regret even purchasing a diary, right?  Oh well, try to find a few positive things about 2020. Here are my top 5 of 2020

  • My son was born!
  • Make use of this time to reflect on yourself and focus on all your blessings
  • Clean and organize your space, you do have time!
  • Find a new hobby!
  • Truly reconnect with family, life is more than dinner time together.

I know it’s hard and I have been going through it… Financial struggle, fear of the future, etc….

I bet you never in a million years, thought about pandemic or believing that your generation is the one to live it, but here it is… Now we have to deal with it!

I find it always exciting to buy a planner, diary, etc…. You? I look in stores, and online and debate what would be best… I found my ideal type of diary, journal, planner, notebook, etc…

It has to be moon-related, showing lunar phases in detail… So for 2020, I picked in 2019 the Moonology Diary 2020 by Yasmin Boland.

The structure of the diary is great. Very informative, great for people who are interested in a simple structure, lunar phases, zodiacs, etc…

This diary is also very helpful for positive thinking. It has questions to ask and makes you go deep inside yourself.

I will not show you my private thoughts but will share with the images above a look inside the diary. I find it very annoying when I need to purchase something online and I can’t see the details.

With this said, have you found your diary for 2021? I am still looking but for sure it will be a moon, lunar related diary, journal. Since it’s difficult these days to shop in stores, I can show you a few links where I purchase my diaries, This is not a paid blog post, this is where I purchase for personal use! Check out Booktopia planners’ diary. or Fishpond Diary 2021,

Now if you want the next Moonology 2021 by Yasmin Boland, I will get mine from HERE like last time.

XO 👍



The Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s Moon

Soon is another gorgeous full moon 🎑 are you ready for her energy? The full moon in October is also known as the Hunter’s Moon. In Eastern Europe its known as the Blood Moon.

The main reason for that is the hunting season and food storing period that need to be done before the winter arrives. The hunting season is one of the biggest events in fall after the harvest moon in September.
The main crystals to use during a full moon are selenite of course, moonstone labradorite and opal. Let’s not forget amethyst and normally for the protection on the hunt, hunter’s would carry shungite, clear quartz or black tourmaline with them on the hunt. Other crystals they carried were carnelian, bloodstone and aquamarine.

They are a great support system for endurance and bravery, courage and power.

Dont forget to book a full moon Reiki healing session click HERE.

Full moon is on 2nd October in the Southern Hemisphere and 1st October in the Northern Hemisphere.

So please get in touch book à healing session and practice gratitude, release negative thoughts and forgive. Let go of everything that does not do you good. Channel your energy, your thoughts carefully, this full moon is in Aries.the energy level is high.


XO 🎑🌝


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