I love crystal grids! They have something so calming and rewarding. Once put together with intentions and goals it feels just great. Charged crystals need to be placed on grids. I created a small three-point grid. It’s easy to travel with, great to store, and reuse! It is also very nice, in a pale pink colour, that will make your crystal points shine!

This crystal grid base is handmade with thread that is organic and infused with Reiki Energy. All the items that I use hook, threads, needles, etc are cleansed for each new project and smudged with white sage.

I point lace these grids by hand using an antique lace-making technique called Romanian Point Lace. If you order more, please be aware, that each grid will be different. I create only one design of each, so each client feels special. I also use these grids for my Distance Healing Reiki sessions. If you are not familiar with Reiki please find out more HERE. I practice Usui Reiki and have a Master Certificate for it.

The gridsize:  4×4 inch (10 cm x 10cm )
Shape: Roundish. has a circle at its base that is 1.5inch – 3.8cm
On the outside, it has three large circle designs and six small circles. They can be used to place tumble stones on it or crystal chips so that they do not fall or roll-off. There are also three oval shapes lace motives about 1inch/ 2.5cm, just great for tumbled stones, worry stones, points, etc…
Small grids like these are also great to use as moon water coaster to charge water and place small crystals around.
Colour: Pale Pink
The Center of the grid is perfect to place a generator, a small pyramid, heart, skull, geode, cluster,
Personally I use these coasters also for Runes and to place my selenite on it. Crystals are easy to crack, and so it’s nice to have a charged soft surface.
With this order, you received one pale pink crystal grid. It’s a three-point design.
Enjoy and let me know what kind of grid you create using the three-point grid base.


Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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