From Dreamcatcher to stars

From Dreamcatcher to stars

Lace branches out in many directions from bobbin to tape, to point lace to Irish and crosses over from crochet to knitting.

Today I want to give a shout out to @nivitaknits on IG! She does an amazing job on keeping lace knitting alive. Past on from one generation to another Nivita Knits is giving lace knitting new vibes.

I strongly encourage you to check out her work!

This lady has a hand for fine lace knitting and can create gorgeous designs from dreamcatchers to stars, bowls, angels leaves, etc….

I am looking forward to receiving my Xmas decoration! Once it’s on my tree I’ll keep you updated!

When you purchase handmade, you purchase, love, originality, quality, and keep up with a little history.

In Europe this technique is called ajour. Ajour lace also it is know as Orenburg lace knit. It comes from Rusia  and it all started with a simple shawl. After that it was turned into thin scarfs and actually dresses. Catherina the Great, loved this technique so much that the woman who created the first ever shawl for her received the honor to have the knit lace named after her. It was knows as the Cossack lace. From Russia it reaches the UK and the Queen. In the late 1800th it reached the US. From that time on in the hands of Harriet Tubman it became very popular.

So you see lace knitting travels the world, so make sure you check her IG account out click HERE.



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