Top 5 things to  do for the New Moon in Libra

Top 5 things to do for the New Moon in Libra

TOP 5 things to do for the NEW MOON

When you think about the New Moon… What comes first to mind? A new phase in life, a new page is turning… So what’s best to do for this coming Monday?

New Moon on Monday -make notes for yourself or use a journal. I use my lunar diary to make it easy. It’s the preference, not sponsored.

  1. Cleanse yourself and your space 
  2. Have your crystals saged 
  3. Create a grid for Monday and activate it
  4. Focus on the New Moon in Libra ( pay close attention to your friends. special friendships)
  5. Bring more beauty and balance to your life

From Monday on there are many opportunities in front of you… From new connections, business opportunities, new purchases, and balancing life it’s all put at once in front of you!

If you want to know what best crystals to use for this new Moon… You can’t go wrong with ROSE QUARTZ, CLEAR QUARTZ POINTS, SELENITE, AMETHYST, and BLUE KYANITE.

Rose Quartz – for love and friendships

Quartz points -amplification

Selenite – absorption of negative energy /harmonious space /creating a safe space

Blue Kyanite- good communication, self-expression, spirituality

If this is the first time you create a crystal grid for yourself, start with the center stone…In this case the SELENITE TOWER.  Now start to go around with the tumbled stones and points. You don’t need to use heart shape crystals if you don’t have any. Tumbles stones will do the job as well quite well. Make sure to place the clear quartz mini points in between each crystal. They do a fantastic job to amplify the grid and manifesting faster.

At this point, once it’s all arranged to your liking, you need to activate the grid. If you ask how to do that it’s very easy. GRID ACTiVATION TIME!

Three things to do!

  1. Rub your hands together and hoove your power hand on top of the grid (the Power hand is the hand that gave the most energy – Once you rub them together and you pull them a bit apart, you feel that you build a field of energy. !)
  2. close your eyes and start manifesting while holding your hands over the grid
  3. Activate each stone with the center stone and place it back in the center- Do not move the grids anymore from now on until your manifestation was fulfilled.

NEW MOON MEANING! It’s the first phase of the moon transformation over a month period. So here is what you need to do and know!

-set new goals

-starting a new phase in your life

-opening a new business 

-manifesting a new desire


So, what are you manifesting for this New Moon?







Ink & Lace Designs on the catwalk

Ink & Lace Designs on the catwalk

It has been a while, since I did a blog post or emailed a proper newsletter and this is for a good reason… I have been working hard to create a new collection for this year’s DesignerQ catwalk show. They had a gorgeous, 10th birthday so it was perfect to celebrate with a unique collection.

The collection is called Wild Orchids and it’s a lot of fun. Every piece is handmade in Australia and was a great integrated design, inspired by the national flower of Queensland, the orchid. I wish you all could have been there to see all the designers with their amazing creations. We had two runways shows and a great after-party.  A lot of great entertainment and fun!

If you follow my Instagram @inknlacedesigns you can see a lot of IG Stories on the event and a lot of new posts about it.

 Here are a few images of the collection. I posted a few also in the latest newsletter, so if you are interested, sign up and receive 15% OFF your first order!

ALSO< if you are interested in the pieces from this collection or custom design please contact us via website or Instagram.
All these gorgeous models did a fantastic job running for all the designers and I have to say that everybody did a stunning job, to make the event a success. From the fabulous goody bags to the make-up artists and the catering, DesignerQ did a fantastic job planning the event. 

The red carpet was fun and my little one had a blast dressing up and so it was good to see for her what happens when designers get together.

I started to work on the collection in March, after seven months of work creating and designing the WILD ORCHIDS COLLECTION, it can be finally available.



You, know each piece is an original, so if you are not a fan of the catwalk colors, no problem! Let’s make it your style!






A happy 2021

A happy 2021

This year will be good. This will be my Motto, my thinking, my Mantra…. I will not even mention you know what year!

And with New beginnings in mind, I want to share with you some inspirational images, items, that make us smile, gaze and wonder…

Here is a painters pallete from Egypt….. Or an agate portrait from the 18th century, or Galileos Moon drawings….

Paint pallette Egypt

Imagine the vibrant colours back in time….

Look at the exquisite look of the sculpture… That must be love!

Also his drawings are fabulous!

Galileo moon

And if this armour does not remind you of lace….. I don’t know what does!


I hope your 2021 started fantastic! Remember to always smile!




My 2020

My 2020


My 2020

There is much to say, indeed! This year I became a mother for the second time to a gorgeous little boy. Now the family is complete. Never crossed my mind, that this is the year where we live a pandemic, give birth and almost lose my life almost. This year changed me…. It will never be the same again.

So if you ask me about my highlights…. Here they are in these two pictures…. This year made me happy and sad. This year, will be remembered for sure.
If you are interested to see my work highlights, yes biz is slowly growing. I’m able to help people, heal and create, but that’s not all…. Smile, survive….. Live!

For those who tried to put me down, did not treat me right, I might forgive, but never forget. I have no time to spend with you! I can see how miserable you are! Your energy speaks for you! You know who you are…..

Let’s hope for a better 2021! What is more to say,but #welcome2021 !




The grapes

The grapes

The grape is a delicious fruit and with the deeply rooted history. In Romania the grapes have a special place. Like any other country we make wine of course but we also make Most. It’s kinda like mwine but more like a nectar. It’s fabulous for the gut and kids can enjoy a glass.

In ancient time the god of wine Dionisos was a big deal in Romania, almost as much as he was in ancient Greece. We had holy places at Ulpia Traiana (capital of Dacia) where wine was offered for Dionisos… With that in mind, the grape was very important. In fact still today we start Autumn with a festival of wine, we give the first glass back to the soil when we open a bottle and we incorporate the grape design into our paintings and lace making.

In Romanian Point Lace this design is even called the grape. The one above is my personal one. But since the design was popular I made one for the store.

Above golden autumn… Sold out, but get in touch for custom designs.

If you are interested in the bullion stitch check out the tutorials and instant pattern!

Check out the necklace called the grapes. It’s available in the store or on Etsy!



From Dreamcatcher to stars

From Dreamcatcher to stars

Lace branches out in many directions from bobbin to tape, to point lace to Irish and crosses over from crochet to knitting.

Today I want to give a shout out to @nivitaknits on IG! She does an amazing job on keeping lace knitting alive. Past on from one generation to another Nivita Knits is giving lace knitting new vibes.

I strongly encourage you to check out her work!

This lady has a hand for fine lace knitting and can create gorgeous designs from dreamcatchers to stars, bowls, angels leaves, etc….

I am looking forward to receiving my Xmas decoration! Once it’s on my tree I’ll keep you updated!

When you purchase handmade, you purchase, love, originality, quality, and keep up with a little history.

In Europe this technique is called ajour. Ajour lace also it is know as Orenburg lace knit. It comes from Rusia  and it all started with a simple shawl. After that it was turned into thin scarfs and actually dresses. Catherina the Great, loved this technique so much that the woman who created the first ever shawl for her received the honor to have the knit lace named after her. It was knows as the Cossack lace. From Russia it reaches the UK and the Queen. In the late 1800th it reached the US. From that time on in the hands of Harriet Tubman it became very popular.

So you see lace knitting travels the world, so make sure you check her IG account out click HERE.



Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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