2021 Diary

2021 Diary

 I know 2020 is pretty much a lost game…. Most of us regret even purchasing a diary, right?  Oh well, try to find a few positive things about 2020. Here are my top 5 of 2020

  • My son was born!
  • Make use of this time to reflect on yourself and focus on all your blessings
  • Clean and organize your space, you do have time!
  • Find a new hobby!
  • Truly reconnect with family, life is more than dinner time together.

I know it’s hard and I have been going through it… Financial struggle, fear of the future, etc….

I bet you never in a million years, thought about pandemic or believing that your generation is the one to live it, but here it is… Now we have to deal with it!

I find it always exciting to buy a planner, diary, etc…. You? I look in stores, and online and debate what would be best… I found my ideal type of diary, journal, planner, notebook, etc…

It has to be moon-related, showing lunar phases in detail… So for 2020, I picked in 2019 the Moonology Diary 2020 by Yasmin Boland.

The structure of the diary is great. Very informative, great for people who are interested in a simple structure, lunar phases, zodiacs, etc…

This diary is also very helpful for positive thinking. It has questions to ask and makes you go deep inside yourself.

I will not show you my private thoughts but will share with the images above a look inside the diary. I find it very annoying when I need to purchase something online and I can’t see the details.

With this said, have you found your diary for 2021? I am still looking but for sure it will be a moon, lunar related diary, journal. Since it’s difficult these days to shop in stores, I can show you a few links where I purchase my diaries, This is not a paid blog post, this is where I purchase for personal use! Check out Booktopia planners’ diary. or Fishpond Diary 2021,

Now if you want the next Moonology 2021 by Yasmin Boland, I will get mine from HERE like last time.

XO 👍



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