How to block Romanian Point Lace

How to block Romanian Point Lace

How to block Romanian Point Lace

Blocking is the basic right of any handmade item from crochet  to knit and lace…. exceptions of blocking are embroidered pieces.

When you block a finished piece you need to do a few steps before. In the crochet area you, wash it and block it on a mat. When  it comes to Romanian Point Lace, you, can wash it or you can spray it down and put it into shape in a gentile form on a fabric piece or mat. You can pin it down on the foam mat and leave it to dry or you can iron it on the other side while it is still on attached to the calico.

The reason why I do not iron the lace piece on the back is first of all it makes it harder later on to take all the sewing thread out of the cord. If you look closer to the vintage Romanian Point Lace Doilies , you can find traces of lace stuck in the cord. It was getting so difficult to  pull it out that at some point I try to figure out a different method.

My method is to take it off, clean it from all the thread, wash is gentile and pin to to the mat.

If you try to block your Romanian Point Lace, feel free to share it with me.

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