Map out your heart…De-Stress Exercise

Map out your heart…De-Stress Exercise




These days to De-stress is very important. So Adult colouring and mapping out your heart exercises became very popular and are recommend by art therapists.

Mapping out your heart, is a wonderful exercise to not only find out truly what is important to you, but also what you love and don;t love.

It is playful learning and I encourage you to try it out! Let’s map out out hearts!

Below you see what is important to me. I did not colour the heart out but you can do it if you like. You can use different colours to write it down, or images that represent what ever you pick.


The idea of mapping out your heart, comes form a wonderful book by Georgia Heard-Awakening the Heart


After you mapped your heart out, feel free to share it with me on my social media or send an email including a picture with your heart!

Recently I was teaching a De-Stress Workshop on HANDS on BRISBANE so come check us out, there are plenty of workshops you might like!




Little Girl Art….

Little Girl Art….

Every little idea or illustration starts with something. In my case most of the time it starts with a brainstorm that ends up into a mood board.

A lovely customer contacted me to illustrate a little girl for a fashion brand. After collecting a tone of information about the concept, colour block, mood, vibe and type of fashion,etc… Ideas started to pop up in my mind about the little girl that was to represent the company.

E voilà this is the mood board. A touch of vintage fashion, with lovely butterfly.  A little glamour for a little lady who can shine next to her mother.

little girl mood board

After your board is done and your client is happy with the result, you can start to sketch the first ideas… This is such a fun process for me as an illustrator. The creativity just flows and flows….

img544 - Copy copy

And here is my end result… a little girl surrounded by butterflies.


I hope you like it. Share it and leave me a comment about.




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