Orchid Pattern….and more!

Orchid Pattern….and more!


I love orchids… so there was no other way around as creating Romanian Point Lace pattern out of it. There is no particular, orchid that I love more, I find them all insanely gorgeous.

So I made a few orchid designs, that not only look great on its own but fantastic as a group. You can create a fabulous unique Point lace doily out of it and so much more!

Since the baby is born, I had no extra time to devote to the orchids and create a full doily out of it, but I am sure you can with the help of these patterns! 

There is a red one, a blue and a dusty pink that has an actual doily pattern to it! I am sure you will love it!

You can find them all in the shop section HERE  Happy Shopping! Enjoy!

I enjoyed creating them all, but I can’t make up my mind, which one is my favorite! What orchid is your favorite and why?

I love them all in a way but what I liked the most, was working with this amazing thread by Romanofir. If you want to try this type of thread, check it out HERE !

This thread is soft, silky but holds its power! It’s organic and comes from a very long tradition of

Drop a comment below and let me know!

XO, Lorena

PS: Call me crazy but I smudged the crochet hook before starting each pattern and also I smudged each pattern after I was done working on it! The pattern got it’s energy back- it takes a lot of energy working on the pattern!

E voilà… The eBook is available!

E voilà… The eBook is available!

Lace, point lace like you never laced before….

Romanian Point Lace is an antique lace technique invented in Romania and it developed carefully and quietly across Europe and Middle East.

IF you like eBooks and are a fan of lace, this book is for you!

Now I updated it and made it very colourful!

So one you purchased it HERE make sure you came back to the website and download it! If you have any question on the book, the pattern, stitches,etc… get in touch!


Also if you are into healing crystals, learn how I use Romanian Point Lace in my healing grids! I hold a workshop at North Harbour on September 15th at 11.00 am  Book a ticket HERE !


Hope to see you there!

I leave you with good vibes!





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