Made in Japan….Naho Katayama Paper Cut

Made in Japan….Naho Katayama Paper Cut

Born and raised in Nagasaki Japan, Naho Katayama, is creating beautiful intricate paper cut. She is a self -taught artist with the eye for delicate creations. 11846622_894403657263709_446785360274536823_nI came across her beautiful work via Instagram and followed her right away! I am fascinated by such work. It reminds me of beautiful lace, a secret world of cuts and femininity. Naho cuts with precision. I guess watercolour paper  goes beyond colour and paintings.

What attracted me the most to her designs and cuts, is that it goes further than flat cuts, it’s  three-dimensional pieces.

I highly recommend her pieces. It is art for the soul. 10455355_919211171449624_6172471477711385219_nIt truly makes you smile and stops time. You dive into another world….

These cuts are actually great gifts. Perfect to make somebody smile. Layers and layers of paper that form a beautiful cut. Visit her website here

There is one design that caught my eye on her facebook …the chanel perfume bottle.

I illustrate it a lot myself and I was fascinated to see it in paper cut form!

12191649_930814760289265_3782141243430386383_n Did you discovered your favourite cut yet?

I got inspired to use with her permission, one of her flower and butterfly paper cuts design  on one illustration I made.

On Instagram you can see daily new paper cuts. Naho surprises me every day with her elaborate cuts…




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