Lace and Stamps

Lace and Stamps

Lace and Stamps


I do not collect stamps even though I found them very interesting and the most interesting part was to see what other countries have as stamps.


I found some amazing examples of stamps from all over the world that actually celebrates lace makers, lace making and crochet. Unfortunately I never found an example from Romania, celebrating Romanian Point Lace, a sad moment since we are so famous for lace making.

Here are a few examples from Germany. 

There are many more countries that have great lace inspired stamps. I guess it;s a pride and identity moment once these stamps are released.

You send a postcard place a stamp on it and it goes around the world. It represents a part of your country shows value and beauty.

A cultural moment that is celebrated not only in lace making but also in introducing it around the world. Early advertising I guess.

Brazil has a long history on lace making and crochet, since the slavery time so I guess it;s quite natural that they have some stamps celebrating lace.











But what do you think about the stamps from Australia? Quite funky I guess to see the bobbin lace tools.   I love the stamp from France it’s so bold and so delicate.


This one from Hungary is amazing,  the Halasi  lace,  the colour and design is stunning. 

Spain of course has a lace stamp as well. A very traditional design with a fabulous pattern. Spain is very famous for bobbin lace.

So how do you see stamps now? Do you collect them?







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