And RED it is…..

And RED it is…..

And RED it is….

If you work with threads and yarns, like me, you know the difficulties sometimes to choose colours… It;s not that I can;t match and mix, that’s not it…. it;s the possibilities…. oh boy…..

So to get some feedback, I asked my followers form IG click HERE to follow….. to pick between green and red shades.

And the crowd has spoken! And RED it is…..  To the simple crochet pattern I will add Romanian Point Lace designs, of course in traditional Romanian Point Lace designs, floral and organic elements. These elements will be in Bordeaux and Red…. later on for the top should part will be a lighter colour. The lighter colour is still not picked but it will probably be a pink shade…. something lighter to brighten up the neckline.

The Romanian Point Lace will be a mix of colours and cords. as well as an organic pattern. 









As I started the project I wanted to start with a different Romanian Point Lace cord. It is wider and flatter with the Bordeaux. Check it out in the picture below!

It takes a while to get used to it, since it;s different from all the other cords but it;s fun and great for Crochet clothing giving it a clean edge and fine result. It;s neat and holds it;s shape great.

    As you can see, the cord has a wave pattern in it. and once achieving the right length, you can start with the crochet part of the design. It is easy to create a design by using the edges of the cord….

The first block of colour in this case Bordeaux, counting 20 rows of crochet a second colour block will follow in Red, Since this project is still wip….. I can;t tell you how many rows of red will be made. So far it;s around 25…..

Now for the Romanian Point Lace part, I started in Bordeaux see below…..

   It;s always an interesting process, meditative to me and relaxing to sew the cord to the calico and thinking about the fillings. Some of the fillings you can see in the image below. Remember, do not so more thn 3 designs in one element!

crochet clothing. So stay tuned to more updates!









Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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