Introducing Camelia Solomon….

Introducing Camelia Solomon….

Introducing Camelia Solomon 


When you try to hold on to an antique lace, in this case Romanian Point Lace, it;s great to know that people like Camelia Solomon exist and that they try everything possible, to keep it alive and pass it on!

So here we go!

Camelia is based in Italy and so her blog is Italian right here. You will find great motives and wonderful explanations on Romanian Point Lace……  Read the blog!

Also if you want to get in touch via social media you will find Camelia on Facebook! Its a closed group so added only if you are serious about Romanian Point Lace.

Like every person who loves any type of craft we all have different motives we love and here are Camelia’s favourite Romanian Point Lace filling stitches.


And if you think it;s better to follow online and tutorials are for you the way to go, subscribe on YouTube!


What is the craft that takes your breath away? If it;s #RPL, aka Romanian Point Lace, these stitches might be great to know better.


Enjoy and share her blog and spread the message! Learn, preserve and make some point lace!




Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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