Oh Bullions , oh Bullions you drive me crazy…..Ode to Bullions

Oh Bullions , oh Bullions you drive me crazy…..Ode to Bullions



Ode to Bullions 

Yeah Ode to Bullions….

Are yo making Crochet bullions and they drive you nuts? You are at the right place . Check the videos below and your pain should be over… hopefully! If not again Ode to Bullions

For the love of Bullions get the right crochet hook in the first place or you die of frustration! I am serious about! No right hook, no bullion! No money, no funny! 

There are three parts when it comes to creating the bullion!

Part one the base, making the right size donut! And here you can cheat galore! LOL Yup, you can cheat in crochet and lace making ! Is that new to you darling?


Once the base is done, you can do the second part the wrapping! Part Two  Oh well the wrapping, it’s a story for itself. There are golden

rules like 16, 18, 22. Do not raise  your eyebrows now at the screen or at me, yup there are rules, BUT that does not mean you can;t break them 🙂


16 , 18, 22 are the individual strings that form a bullion. One wrap to form a bullion can have 16 wraps on the hook, ( you see in the video) or 18 wraps or 22… oh well talking about braking rules, my have 25 wraps!

Part Three

Now this part most of people like to skip not knowing the insanity of it! You skip this part and your bullion is flat. On top of it it dies not have volume and is useless, at least to get a job in the button industry or as grape for Romanian Point Lace. For this part you need a tapestry needle or a larger sewing needle.

Follow the video instructions.

And now you know about #BULLIONS !


Do you have a technique to create bullions ? Let me see your bullions!






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