DMC has always been special, from embroidery to crochet thread , all is Crème de la Crème. After a long history of threads, colours, and kits, DMC did something special…. BUT!

This Golden Skein collector’s edition features 24 carat gold wash and is crafted by hand in our factory in Mulhouse, France. 17,460 Golden Skeins are available throughout the world, each are individually numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity. Each luxury box features embossing on the top, gold leaf, and is covered with a light matte film for longevity. Each box is sealed with tape, hand-knotted and packed by hand.( DMC WEBSITE)

This is a nice idea, BUT, even with a massive discount, I find it very expensive. The full price, $115 , well excuse me…. even your discount $40 is simply #nuts!

I create jewellery with embroidery and lace, so how much will the end piece be, if one floss cost $40? Simply insane, specially if you think about that it’s a wash gold……

So no deal for me!

Let me know, would you buy it?









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