My Romanian Point Lace Bucket List…..

My Romanian Point Lace Bucket List…..

My Romanian Point Lace Bucket List…..



Hmmmm bucket list…..


Do you have a bucket list? I never really thought about bucket lists or stuff that I actually want to do!  Scary? Hell yes! I feel like time is slipping between my fingers and there is so much stuff I need to do and learn when it comes to Romanian Point Lace or anything else!

Do you feel the same? Did it ever crossed your mind, that you need to make a bucket list for craft?

Oh well here is mine!

Learn more Romanian Point Lace stitches and fillings

Create more unique designs

Do more research on the early Romanian Point Lace pieces.

Design new cords!

Take Romanian Point Lace to a new level! Make it more popular and known!

Introduce more designs that include, Embroidery!

Research on more thread brands that work for RPL!

Finish the lace pieces yous started! LOL … Such a drag sometimes! ( I start many projects at the same time! How about you?)

Frame all your large Romanian Point Lace pieces!


Do you have a bucket list?



Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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