Modern Romanian Point Lace Collar

Modern Romanian Point Lace Collar

If you never heard of Romanian Point Lace, then Modern Romanian Point Lace must be a mystery to you…..

Modern Romanian Point Lace is pretty much not well known and I am trying to change it …. Long Road to go I guess.. <LOL> But you have to start somewhere!

Romanian Point Lace is an ancient lace making technique invented in Romania, Transylvania. It has been past on from mother to daughter for generations. This is the way I learned it not by books, files, laptops or written word. You watch as a child and observe how the needle weaves and dances on calico, around the threads and creates a web of designs and 3D elements that takes your breath away.. Traditionally in ecru, or beige, not these days with the boarders wide open and Romania being free access to all type of threads and freedom even Romanian Point Lace evolved. Yes it;s done in colour as well but this movement is just a toddler in compare to the power of the traditional point lace. The image below is a traditional RPL in ecru , traditional design and shape, with a centre embroidery element. Done on Aida cloth, with a traditional rose design.

If you are interested to learn this technique contact me or check out the workshops options here or the booklet here . We are based in Brisbane.

To create this collar , I used black cotton thread for the base, creating simple cord and the base for the embroidery. The embroidery pansy design is made with silk threads  by  DeVereYarn  The company is based in the UK but they ship worldwide. I have been ordering a few threads from them, different strengths and they are gorgeous to work with. They are amazing to embroider of course but also great to do fine lace or fine crochet.

One of my favourite  thread form the selection I purchased was the Lily, after that I had fun sewing with Forget me Not. Rose was a fine delight The others I did not use so far, but I am sure in a future project it will come up.

This piece is perfect for white  shirts, or the LBD ( Little Black Dress ) or a funky casual look . You can dress it up or down! Shop here. This piece is an original and not available in the same design. Similar pieces ca be created with different design and colours. Simply ask! 🙂

You can wear it high or low on the neckline. All is up to you and your style. This Silk Enchant Pansy Collar, is easy to care and to wear. It is large with a bold statement but light.


How would you style it up or down?





Did I make you curious….?

Did I make you curious….?

Long time due… a  new collection is finally coming together after hard work, sweat and blood!

Created… Check!

Concept…. Check!

Photo Shoot….Check!

Illustrations…. Work in Progress!

Listening to Enrique… Duele el Corazon … Pure Inspiration




E voila … the first piece illustrated from the latest collection by Ink & Lace…. You can pre order the #tikka! So hurry and place an order!


Email me for details….


I am exited to introduce to you, some fabulous people that you all need to check out!

First of all the gorgeous model Sakina follow her on Instagram and be smart BOOK her for your new shoot! She is a darling to work with!


Next the fabulous Keira a gorgeous photographer who made my collection shine!

If you ever wondered who can do your makeup look no more! A hidden gem is Neeka from Dewy Beauty


And who else can;t be missed from the dream team? Of course the Hair Guru Rebecca Jayne

Are you curious for more?





PS: Stay tuned …..

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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