Updates The Golden Project…

Updates The Golden Project…

My Golden Project… is still work in progress and it looks like finally it is talking a shape!
Creating embroidery flowers and metres and metres of Romanian Point Lace cord takes time, but it is quite rewarding to know that the Saree Blouse is shaping slowly.

For the Romanian Cord I am using silk viscose blend Mimosa Brand from Ice Yarn and it  has quite some body.

The floral elements
are not only all unique but have all different designs. 6tag_120616-071412

The embroidered flowers are a mix of different threads but both with the same composition a silk viscose blend. To have a good finish, on the floral design, is to crochet the back. WP_20160601_13_07_49_Pro

It is not only a great end result, it gives body and volume to the whole product. The Saree Blouse, is longer as the traditional Saree designs and it;s covering the stomach area.


The Saree Blouse is inspired by the traditional Mogul culture…. Deep purple and golden royal colours and cream.

If you are interested in some short video updates on the golden project, visit and subscribe to the YouTube Chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4PDYoLTOWl4EOItvZTzl7Q

So stay tuned for more  to come….









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