How is your Monday?

How is your Monday?

How is your Monday?


Monday, Monday….. It;s rainy here in Brisbane, and insanely hot!

I normally do not share my daily doings on Social media or even blog about…… So why not this time!?

Get the toddler ready, breakfast…. But first COFFEE!

It’s Christmas time,  and when you have a toddler in the house it;s all about Santa, Christmas trees and gifts, gifts and more gifts! Hmmmm!

So after a massive potty training time,  that can end up in singing, watching potty videos and funky conversation …. Does Santa see me on the toilet????? The toddler is ready to play! And Me, I am ready for another coffee!

Rushing to the post office to ship some orders out.. and yup it;s still raining!

It;s time to create a bit…. Baby sleeps and I am ready and have time to blog a bit.

But first let me get in the mood! My Scentsy Amazon Rain melting wax is on – Take me to the Amazon!

I am ready to roll!

Coming back from the post office I checked my mailbox and my secret Santa, left something for me! Exited like a little kid I open my gift. Yeah, yeah, I know it;s not Xmas, BUT hey it;s finally quite in the house and I have time for  myself! So let me be with the words of my toddler!

Let me tell you how the Secret Santa came along! I am part of a fabulous Group on FB. A fun groups where Graphic Designers come together, talk , discuss job related issues and share design ideas, etc…..and since Christmas is around the corner our Admin the fabulous Anna Dower created the Secret Santa gift exchange! Check her page out she is amazing!

So back to my lace embroidery project till it;s still peaceful!

How was your Monday?






Inspiration Monday- Cells

Inspiration Monday- Cells


When it comes to finding Inspiration, I guess it;s worth to look sometimes and a totally different direction…. How about cells, biology, the animal world, the medical world, etc….


Cardiovascular System is a fabulous inspiration for lace… delicate, sophisticated and a must!

The leaf cell structure is very popular in the Romanian Point Lace making community. It is known as the “Cuib de vespe”- honeycomb pattern.

Now if you would like a tutorial on that please let me know!

Next, is the image of Vitamin C



Inspiration Monday Chanel


Inspiration Monday!!!

To create,  you need to get inspired, since Monday is sometimes such a drag…. how about “Inspiration Monday!”

Like you see in the video below, even the biggest fashion houses like Chanel, and the designer Karl Lagerfeld, is getting inspired by the past and the famous COCO CHANEL, and the former place of work with the famous stairs and the vintage look.


Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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