Lace and Stamps

Lace and Stamps

Lace and Stamps


I do not collect stamps even though I found them very interesting and the most interesting part was to see what other countries have as stamps.


I found some amazing examples of stamps from all over the world that actually celebrates lace makers, lace making and crochet. Unfortunately I never found an example from Romania, celebrating Romanian Point Lace, a sad moment since we are so famous for lace making.

Here are a few examples from Germany. 

There are many more countries that have great lace inspired stamps. I guess it;s a pride and identity moment once these stamps are released.

You send a postcard place a stamp on it and it goes around the world. It represents a part of your country shows value and beauty.

A cultural moment that is celebrated not only in lace making but also in introducing it around the world. Early advertising I guess.

Brazil has a long history on lace making and crochet, since the slavery time so I guess it;s quite natural that they have some stamps celebrating lace.











But what do you think about the stamps from Australia? Quite funky I guess to see the bobbin lace tools.   I love the stamp from France it’s so bold and so delicate.


This one from Hungary is amazing,  the Halasi  lace,  the colour and design is stunning. 

Spain of course has a lace stamp as well. A very traditional design with a fabulous pattern. Spain is very famous for bobbin lace.

So how do you see stamps now? Do you collect them?







Introducing Bendigo Woollen Mills & Giveaway!

Introducing Bendigo Woollen Mills & Giveaway!

Bendigo Woollen Mills


Admit it you are a yarn hoarder and you like to add one more skein into your vast collection!

I discovered a fabulous brand here in Australia -Bendigo Woollen Mills. It;s a stunning place! I always wanted to try the yarn they offer and now is the right time to introduce it on my blog.

I love to work with organic, natural and stunning yarn. I believe that Bendigo Woollen Mills hits all categories!


Since stripes are so IN in 2017 I decided to create a simple but effective designs, using Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn.


What I love the most about this brand is , that the quality is very close to perfection! The colours are divine and easy to work with plain and in combination. Since winter is coming these wool yarns are fabulous! A clean thread that has a great slide on the crochet hook as well as on the knitting needles. It is also very comfortable on the sewing needle, while creating bullions.

I heard only good reviews about Bendigo Woollen Mills but never got the chance to introduce it into my work! It was about time to let you all know what fabulous product it is!

Please let me know how you like Bendigo Yarn and what you are making with it!


If you would like to create this pattern please let me know and I will make a tutorial on that.

Now to the fun part of this blog post! If you never tried yarn from Bendigo, this is your chance to work with! I will giveaway, 2 yarn skeins! So we will have two winners, shortly!

You can win one Donut ball IGLOO 100% pure wool and I will also give away one Bendigo skein Grey 3PLY 100% wool!

Winter is Coming so happy Crochet and good luck!

How you can win!

You will receive points that you need to collect to be able to be on the list for winning one skein!

I will select two winners randomly!

1- Comment below why you would like to win one skein from Bendigo! Do not forget to add your email!

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This is an Australian GIVEAWAY!

You have time to enter the giveaway till  March 9th 2017!

The winner will be informed by email!

Good luck!


Lorena !



Lace & Ironing….

Lace & Ironing….

Lace and ironing is a delicate combination…. Let’s jump right into the subject!



Once you finish your lace and have it washed, you need to iron it. This is how I do  it.

I dry my lace between two towels , or on one towel. Press it gently in and roll the towel ( if you use only one)

Open it up again and leave it flat, neatly. Now turn the iron on and put it on delicate/ silk steam.

I always turn the garment , lace piece, inside out.

Now in this case it;s not possible because of the 3D designs! So what you need to do is put the iron on steam and use a damp towel or fabric. I love to use a towel because it;s thicker and you can steam iron your design better. WP_20150911_12_46_55_Pro

Run the iron gentle on top of the towel and check regularly if your lace is doing well.

Make sure that your piece is blocked, stretched. If you have a 3D design be careful not to press the design down. Too much steam can damage. If you have a dress like me, make sure you place a piece of fabric or towel in between the lace pieces ( front /back).

Take the towel away, and check the lace. Stretch it carefully if necessary.




Let it dry naturally and do not rush the process. I dry them flat or on a hanger, all depending on the weight. This is how I care for my lace pieces. What is your secret?


Leave a comment below and share this blogpost with your friends.



PS: Never place your lace in the wash machine or the dryer! I know every wash machine is very sophisticated these days and have extra hand wash or delicate buttons that you can press blah, blah…. BUT, you need to keep in mind that even the low spinning can cause damage to your lace.



Oscars 2016

Oscars 2016

There were many great looks at the Oscars 2016 and I have to admit it;s the first time that I have not seen the FULL SHOW! Sorry but when you are a young mama and still try to do all your lace and art work, the Oscars are not a priority any more, BUT of course the dresses are!

One of my favourite dresses was a white lace dress worn by Elizabeth Banks – a gorgeous Caped Jumpsuit


It is designed by Ralph & Russo. Wendi and Nicole did a fabulous job styling Elizabeth.


The detail top is simply magnificent and a labour of love and dedication. A combination of crochet, lace and embroidery monotone in crisp white. A dream , a soft cloud that made my smile.


A simple thin clutch completes the look as well as one large jewellery that makes a statement. It pleases me to see that her nails are not French manicure or classic chic red. It is perfect to go with a neutral grey and not with white. It would be over the top to add white as well.

It is beautiful to see that the make up is natural and that the mascara and kajal are enough to make it work and stand out.



What makes this look timeless are the pockets. Pockets make everything much better. This dress could have been put on in the 30s 40s 50s 60s and 70s – ….


What was your favourite dress at the Oscars?





PS: Congrats again to Leonardo DiCaprio- It was about time!

Chris Rock you did a great job under the circumstances!

Oscars 2016

Ink & Lace Introducing….PSA


We are in 2016, so maybe a new wardrobe a new style is a good approach to start the year!

We at Ink & Lace like to introduce brands that are unique and beautiful… and so is PSA! You ask what PSA is…. ? Well PSA stands for Professional Style Academy.

Please meet Cindy Newstead.

1 Please introduce yourself/ company…. 

PSA doesn’t just teach you how to be a good stylist but ensures you will become an exceptional stylist. The head facilitator and director is one of the industry’s most successful and prolific personal stylists. Cindy Newstead has carried out over 6,500 personal consultations and is known as one of the early pioneers to bring personal fashion styling services to the everyday person.

Cindy Newstead
Cindy still actively works in her very successful independent style consultancy, Style with Cindy, She is out in the trenches consulting with 10 to 12 private clients a week, holds workshops, styles and runs fashion runways and as head stylist she guides her team of stylists everyday. This ensures you get relevant, proven strategies and techniques that work in the real world.
Cindy is the creator and presenter of Style Review runway, a Chadstone – The Fashion Capital’s ‘A’ list stylist, she is a published author of the book “You Are More Than Just Your Bits”which helps people through their style challenges and the emotional issues that surround our appearance. She is also a keynote speaker, styles celebrities, numerous media appearances and has trained and mentored hundreds of successful stylists. Early in her career Cindy trained and worked with style and image professionals around the world, has studied and is certified with two different colour systems and is an NLP Master Practitioner.
Having access to someone with this level of success and knowledge is invaluable.
PSA was launched in 2012, prompted by an industry that was becoming saturated with self-accredited, unprepared and inexperienced stylists.
The growing feedback Cindy received from store managers and sales staff about the increase of new stylists with poor skills was the driving force behind Cindy offering to impart all of her knowledge to help change this. It is her vision that with this academy, she wants to teach and inspire the next generation of stylists worldwide to ensure the integrity and growth of the industry and most importantly to ensure the delivery of this very beneficial and life changing service to the general public is at the highest level.

Lace…. How do you see it from your professional point of view?
 Lace does not date, it’s timeless, feminine and most females wear it at some stage in their life. Lace is so versatile!
What are the DOs and DONTs when it comes to lace?
These days lace is very popular so it can be worn all over or in separates as tops and bottoms.
Do’s and Don’ts
  • Wear a cami or slip underneath
  • avoid jewellery or hand bags that may catch on the lace
  • wear lace under a sheer blouse to add texture and interest
  • Lace can be worn casually or dressed up formally
  • mix lace with denim
  • white lace on white lace is extremely elegant
  • keep accessories simple
  • a midi skirt/dress in lace in very on trend
 Do you think lace lost it;s glory or status?
I think lace is like most fabrics, it trends in and out of fashion. There are always people who will love lace and wear it no matter what the trend
What makes lace in Queensland so popular?
Queenslanders love lace as it’s light if worn with a thin slip underneath. Also this is lovely on the upper body for women with upper arms issue as it provides a lightweight cover.
What do you think about the new trend of wearing lace with sports wear?
Interesting – personally I don’t love it but it does soften the look of sportswear for those who do like it.
Why is lace not for everybody?
I think everyone love a bit of lace – everyone won’t necessarily wear it though. This is mainly due to personal style. As this is a feminine look, this just won’t appeal to everyone to wear.
8. What do you think about lace accessories?
Lace accessories can be prettier on younger girls, especially in the hair! If a more mature lady is wearing a lace accessory, she needs to be very careful of what she teams it with so it doesn’t become tacky.
9. How can we find you online and what can we aspect when we book your service?
PSA logo-01
To become a fashion stylist, people can head to the academy website 
For men and women or all shapes and sizes looking to re-invent themselves or just to feel good in the body they’re in they can head to Cindy where we have a team of stylists nation-wide to assist them.
Thank you for the lovely interview! So now you know who to give a call, when you need a stylist! 

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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