Inspiration Monday-Lace  Architecture

Inspiration Monday-Lace Architecture

Lace Architecture….

Lace is great on the body, elegant, sensual, sophisticated and unique – it makes us feel beautiful, well lace to me has the same affect in the world of architecture.

All over the world lace has a unique impact from the East to the West from the North to the South you will find great pieces that can be a fabulous inspiration!

Just have a look at the building below a stunning design ( Guatemala) -integrate pattern and designs to get inspired by.


Or how about this stunning house design from Russia, a wooden lace design. Take a  look at this house is not a five minute affair. It takes time and to me if feels like you dive into the past of the building or design.

Now that we went from Guatemala to Russia let;s step into the Arabic culture.

This is the sealing of the gorgeous  Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This particular design reminds me in particular of Romanian Point Lace. The floral elements are very similar to traditional Romanian Lace, Macrameu ( the true name of Romanian Point Lace)

On the other hand this school reminds me of classic BattenbergLace . Other classic lace architecture are the famous iron gates of Versailles

To me, all these pieces inspire me and give me great ideas for small and large projects. What inspires you?




In Japan….

In Japan they do a lot of great things, they are advance with everything and I love it! A while ago I discovered that they are in love with Romanian Point Lace. Not only that they love it and do a great job with it, they know what type of thread to use and go directly to the source!

Believe it or not they order thread from the original country Romania, Transylvania in Sibiu and place order on the original thread form Romanian Point Lace. Way to go Japan! Again you show us how it needs to be done!

It;s my favourite bread to work with. The logo is with a little cat head on and it;s called Romanofir Talmaciu Sibiu. Crème de la crème if you ask me!


Japan I love you! Keep up the wonderful work!





Macramé Lace…..a little history Part 1

Macramé Lace…..a little history Part 1

We all know that lace has a long, very long history and that it channels like a river into different fields and spreads into new designs and concepts.

The first time Romanian Point Lace made it’s first steps into the western part of Europe was due to a very popular Craft Magazine named Anna. It is still today a pioneer in the field of crochet, lace making, seasonal crafts and knit. A beautiful concept developed by Anna Burda Brand- introducing a new lace making craft to the western world.

This is the cover that made history,  March 1981 in Romanian Point Lace and transformed the world of craft and lace making. It actually opened up to a new generation of crochet and lace makers.People  got hooked!

Funny is, that it was called Macramé  Style Crochet. I agree partially with this name because first of all the original name of RPL was actually Macrameu. Macrameu because RPL was developed and created in Romania, to be more specific in Transylvania.

So, now you know there is more coming out of Dracula Country….. that leaves an impact in our society

But you could not translate it Macramé   anna-burda-31981-cover because you would confuse it with the Macramé knotting. download macrame

Well they included the word Crochet into it because, the cord is created with a crochet hook. It is wrong actually because once you created the cord, you put the crochet hook away and do not use it any more. In January 1990, Anna Burda, started to print single lessons on RPL and since then the name got changed to Macramé Lace.

You will find many books out there saying that RPL was actually invented in Belgium, some say in Spain , or France. Now this is wrong- all these countries, have different type of lace that they are known for.

From generation to generation Romanians create only this type of lace-macrameu. The tools to create it have not been replaced, changed, etc…. The basic ideas are still like from the start. We use ancient materials like vinegar to preserve the pattern, we do the same organic floral and leaf designs…. It is known in Romanian that is spread via Christian Nuns who went to Egypt and other parts of the world and created macrameu. From there it took a long journey in North Africa and South Europe. Once in Europe is kinda spread not only fast but with a own mind! In Spain it developed into Bobbin Lace, In Germany into Battenburg Lace, and In France into Guipure Lace, etc….

One thing all these lace types have in common is the type of thread they use. Ecru , white or beige thread mostly #10 -cotton. 

Ecru is the traditional shade of beige used for the Romanian Point Lace Designs. White is common for special occasions like weddings.

Devoted RPL -makers, ( I am talking here about generations – at least 3-5 ) do not step away from the traditional tone, colour and thread type. It;s like an unwritten law. Use DMC ECRU. On top of that they like to stick to traditional designs – meaning floral and leaf combo, leaf or floral.

The RPL design has different geometrical shapes.Meaning the most designs are oval, round or square. You will never find abstract forms or shapes. In Romania the typical macrameu thread looks like this. The good quality thread comes form Sibiu. Now you can buy this type of thread from ebay or 

etsy. But you can replace this brand with Lizbeth and Aunt Lydia’s

The cord in the image below is made with traditional Macrameu thread from Sibiu.


In the next part I will talk about the designs and  the fillings….


If you have any questions about RPL, feel free to contact me






Macramé Lace…..a little history Part 1

I am surely no Eve….Sinful Apple….

I am surely no Eve 1d29b803890df5f0b603b55a57573c37and Apple is  quite frank not my favourite type of fruit but for some reason,  apples are a source of inspiration for  me.

Apple, the original sinful fruit….. I don’t know about that story but it’s interesting.

At the moment I am working on an apple inspired Romanian Point Lace design. I skipped the mood board this time coz everything was so clear in my mind.

But first things first! “Make some cord, lady!” I said to myself.

Wait I am such a liar, I do eat apples, but only one type “red delicious”! I call red delicious the “Snow White Apple” …..  My hubby always makes fun of it.

Are you picky with your apples as well? If yes, what apple do you like?

Ok back to my cord! Like I said you need cord, not as much this time since I create a small project for the Crochet Retreat where I will be teaching next year!


So if you are next year in May not busy and need a crafty holiday, I hope to see you there my dear American friends!

I created a few metres of the simple cord, in a shiny cream colour thread. The thread is a silky microfibre that feels great. The hook that I worked with was 1mm. I  sketched  a simple design down on calico and now it;s time to start!

By the way I love to work with this type of thread. Microfibre is wonderful, soft and strong at the same time, shiny and glossy with a gorgeous end result. A true jewel in the thread world.


The Romanian Point Lace design can be used as a coaster or can be framed in a gorgeous frame! It would make a truly beautiful and unique gift.  I would love to take this apple lace design to the next level and introduce into the point lace weaving embroidery. I am still not sure if I use a deep red or go for a green thread for the apple!










A long time ago I was actually inspired by apples again, as I was illustrating Candy Apple by Donna Karan. The Orignal Sin was the main inspiration for the print.


A simple apple can lead you to a vast collection of ideas….   If you are interested in pre-ordering this print, please email me or leave a comment! At the moment they are not in the shop available not here and not on  Etsy – LorenasInkDesigns



PS: I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Macramé Lace…..a little history Part 1

Maria of Romania and lace

Romania has a strong connection to lace. Our beloved Queen Maria loved to wear it. One of her favourite dress was in fact a lace dress. Head to toe covered in a lace drmarie-of-romania-wearing-an_medess a square neckline and ribbons to complete the look. Lace was a product for royalty and it takes elegance and grace to actually wear it.

Lace making has changed over the years in Romania but it remained very traditional and it developed into a signature craft.

Today we know it as Romanian Point Lace. In Romania itself it is known as Macrameu. Nobody can identify with the English translation Romanian Point Lace.


Even the head piece, crown was inspired by a lace design. A delicate design that made history.




These days Romanian Point Lace is still very popular but you will not see it in many wardrobes….. Designers like to included on the catwalk and get inspired by the old designs.


My inspiration for the jewellery that I create are inspired by the traditional Romanian Point lace pieces, that have been used as home decorations. It was very popular in the 50 and 60s at one point. Today they make a comeback and I am happy to see it.

Growing up with this type of lace is opens your eye to the possibilities … stepping away from the traditional nude look and from the rigid shape….. I was             taking on the point lace.

I needed a splash of colour a splash of free form to take it to the next level…. After many ideas, styles and trials….. I found that to go bold, feminine and daring is the way to go!

Including clay elements in colour -red is not only a focus point of the jewellery but also an homage for the Romanian Point Lace. The polymer clay has a point lace print to finish the look.

The idea of traditional point lace is to keep it flat. My concept was to introduce layered lace elements and top them of with 3D ideas and embroidery. A free from abstract element that was so far unknown in the process of creating Romanian Point Lace.








This design will be shortly available to purchase. I usually make only one of a kind, that way I can keep my customers truly unique! You can pre -order this necklace and you can pick change the base ( beige/nude) of the statement piece – The red will stay!

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