TBT Throwback Thursday

TBT Throwback Thursday

TBT aka Throwback Thursday….

We all know how time flies and I guess TBT – better known as Throwback Thursday reminds us so well how life goes by…. Years go by, social media changes, family grows, business goes up and down , etc….

Who actually invented #TBT , well this is a big mystery like the Bermudas I guess…

This is what Google said about… TBT

So pinpointing the true first #tbt post is tricky. Looking at Google Trends, though, it seems people started looking up Throwback Thursday more regularly in February 2012, and since then, interest in the hashtag game has increased substantially.May 30, 2013

What are your most memorable TBT?


This TBT , well a trip home… to Germany. Another TBT is dear to my heart like this one….

My Little one wearing a traditional Romanian Outfit…. All these memories stay with us TBT or not TBT….. What do you do with these type of memories…? You cherish them and you keep them in your soul, heart and mind….

Or this my teaching carrier started here in Brisbane, Australia.

What is your best or memorable TBT?













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