Irish Crochet Lab…..

Irish Crochet Lab…..

I believe you know by now that I am a fan of handmade and appreciate that crochet, knitting, lace making, and so much more will always be in fashion…. The big couture house bring it always back and makes us think about antique crafts. Today I want to introduce to all of you a special person, somebody who dived into the antique Irish Crochet…..

Introducing… 12650569_1205740119453524_1224820472_n

Larisa Chilton the force behind the Irish Crochet Lab

Originally from the Ukraine, Larisa lives and teaches Irish Crochet in the US. Having a passion for things handmade, crochet took the front row in Larisa’s life.


The love for Irish Crochet Lace started with a tablecloth. Today she is passionate about more… way more….. teaching traditional and modern Irish Crochet is truly a pleasure. Her designs are stunning. Take a look at these pieces!

I had the pleasure to illustrate one of the latest pieces, a beautiful top made with love and dedication.

If you would like to learn Irish Crochet, I would suggest you learn from the best and the best is Larisa! 12626161_1205741329453403_386919609_nAll you need to do is visit her page check her video tutorials out and start to learn.

Also if you are in town or near her I recommend her workshops , intense, unique and full of value.

Larisa can do magic with her crochet hook. So if love unique, accessories, handmade and can image to wear something traditional or you are a bride who wants to feel special, I suggest to contact Larisa and the Irish Crochet Lab can help you make your special day even better.


Dare to dream….

I was always a fan of different type of lace and Irish Crochet Lace is not only beautiful and also unique.

A craft that makes you step back and relax, a beautiful design that you need to explore.

Are you with me? 945857_1188887774472092_1350884567312615973_nYou will not regret it! You can create so many different things with this antique technique….

If you would like to go beyond accessories, you need to see this gorgeous top. A beautiful colour block in a delicate design.



PS: Don’t forget to visit the Facebook and the Video tutorials plus if you are keen the Shop is waiting for you.




Ask me a question….

Ask me a question….

IMG_8255 - Copy


Ask me a question….. yes, you!! Don;t be shy! This is your opportunity now ! If you want to know  something about Romanian Point Lace, Crochet, Embroidery, Weaving Embroidery, fashion illustration…. etc….

Watch the video below and leave a comment if you like!

I will answer your question/s and help with some advice if you need help with it.

I am looking forward to hear from you.




PS :Updates on the Sinful Apple! Abstract a modern poetry with the needle…


If you celebrate Xmas… Happy 1st Advent!

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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