Yule in Australia is so different from that in the northern hemisphere. You ask why?!♥

Simply the fact that we have Yule the starts June 21!You feel an energetic change that is in the air. Everything feels fresh and crisp. Bees roam the fields and flowers  in our garden. We are celebrating the sun, mother nature…. Yellow flowers are everywhere, a sign of abundance.

Enjoying time with the family  is a must to welcome Yule also to take time to enjoy the sun!

I try to have yellow flowers around me at this time of the year, or drief citrus, like these for a refreshing orange tea!

Did you actually know the Yule comes fromthe Germanic peooke (todays Germany) tbe celebrated and still do have alot of traditions regards this time of the year, but of course during winter in the northern hemisphere. A lot of hot spicy wine, citrus, games and welcoming the sun! In Germany will will hear a lot about Yulefest abd see many bond fires specially in the country area.

Do you celebrate Yule? If yes, what do you do?






I love flowers in general and always was dreaming and admiring gorgeous endless gardens. I always tried to grow many flowers. My balconies were always full with flowers during my Uni years….. Living on rest does not make it easy to grow may flowers, and I am exited when the time comes to own a place and have a dream garden….

But enough of daydreaming! When you can’t have a garden why not illustrate flowers to make a room nicer?

Living in Brisbane you are not far from Toowoomba  – City of flowers…. Here you find amazing flowers and fabulous Tulips……

So here we go …. inspired by one of my favourite flowers… TULIPS! I love them, and always did….

I made a print available here to celebrate tulips , fashion and Easter! It makes great gift for a flower enthusiast or somebody who enjoys the beauty of simple things.

Do you actually know the meaning of this particular flower, the tulip? If not here we go:

Tulips come from Persia, ( Iran ) and were introduced in the 16th century tot Turkey and finally in the 17th century to the Netherlands, where still today they are so popular that the country grows and exports them like crazy. The fields of tulips are the best in the Netherlands.

Also if you are in love with creating tulips in lace, here is a Romanian Point Lace kit for you!

The rival of the tulip is the classic Rose. Tulips are truly special. The inner centre of the tulip is, black and velvet like. It represents a lover;s heart since the 11th century. To receive a bouquet of tulips it stands for grace and elegance. When it comes to colours…. I love them all!


Do you love tulips ?

Let me know!




Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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