Be Original….

Be Original….

Being unique is not only a must these days but an obligation to yourself and to the pride of being human! Fashion is playing a huge  part of taking pride in your look.

You can be unique with accessories a great way out of the fashion jungle! I want to introduce to you some gorgeous handbags created by  Larisa Chilton

Introducing “Rose Garden”….



By the way if you would like to learn to create this beautiful purse, feel free to contact Larisa and you can dive into the beautiful art of Irish Crochet.

Being and illustrator and in the fashion business, it was impossible for me to not swing the brush and illustrate this handbag. ….






Did I make you curious….?

Did I make you curious….?

Long time due… a  new collection is finally coming together after hard work, sweat and blood!

Created… Check!

Concept…. Check!

Photo Shoot….Check!

Illustrations…. Work in Progress!

Listening to Enrique… Duele el Corazon … Pure Inspiration




E voila … the first piece illustrated from the latest collection by Ink & Lace…. You can pre order the #tikka! So hurry and place an order!


Email me for details….


I am exited to introduce to you, some fabulous people that you all need to check out!

First of all the gorgeous model Sakina follow her on Instagram and be smart BOOK her for your new shoot! She is a darling to work with!


Next the fabulous Keira a gorgeous photographer who made my collection shine!

If you ever wondered who can do your makeup look no more! A hidden gem is Neeka from Dewy Beauty


And who else can;t be missed from the dream team? Of course the Hair Guru Rebecca Jayne

Are you curious for more?





PS: Stay tuned …..

Time for Art….

Time for Art….

Picking up the painting brush was lately a MIA event….I have to admit that I was and still am with a new collection busy but I just  had to pick up the brush and paint a bit.

And here is the result!


wp_ss_20160721_0002 (2)


This particular piece was inspired by Vintage Dior fashion style and the gorgeous fresh Cattura Vanity Magazine

So please check it out and visit  the Facebook and Instagram





PS: The pendant is available to purchase! Contact me for details!

DSCF0228 copy



Little Girl Art….

Little Girl Art….

Every little idea or illustration starts with something. In my case most of the time it starts with a brainstorm that ends up into a mood board.

A lovely customer contacted me to illustrate a little girl for a fashion brand. After collecting a tone of information about the concept, colour block, mood, vibe and type of fashion,etc… Ideas started to pop up in my mind about the little girl that was to represent the company.

E voilà this is the mood board. A touch of vintage fashion, with lovely butterfly.  A little glamour for a little lady who can shine next to her mother.

little girl mood board

After your board is done and your client is happy with the result, you can start to sketch the first ideas… This is such a fun process for me as an illustrator. The creativity just flows and flows….

img544 - Copy copy

And here is my end result… a little girl surrounded by butterflies.


I hope you like it. Share it and leave me a comment about.




Little Girl Art….

I am surely no Eve….Sinful Apple….

I am surely no Eve 1d29b803890df5f0b603b55a57573c37and Apple is  quite frank not my favourite type of fruit but for some reason,  apples are a source of inspiration for  me.

Apple, the original sinful fruit….. I don’t know about that story but it’s interesting.

At the moment I am working on an apple inspired Romanian Point Lace design. I skipped the mood board this time coz everything was so clear in my mind.

But first things first! “Make some cord, lady!” I said to myself.

Wait I am such a liar, I do eat apples, but only one type “red delicious”! I call red delicious the “Snow White Apple” …..  My hubby always makes fun of it.

Are you picky with your apples as well? If yes, what apple do you like?

Ok back to my cord! Like I said you need cord, not as much this time since I create a small project for the Crochet Retreat where I will be teaching next year!


So if you are next year in May not busy and need a crafty holiday, I hope to see you there my dear American friends!

I created a few metres of the simple cord, in a shiny cream colour thread. The thread is a silky microfibre that feels great. The hook that I worked with was 1mm. I  sketched  a simple design down on calico and now it;s time to start!

By the way I love to work with this type of thread. Microfibre is wonderful, soft and strong at the same time, shiny and glossy with a gorgeous end result. A true jewel in the thread world.


The Romanian Point Lace design can be used as a coaster or can be framed in a gorgeous frame! It would make a truly beautiful and unique gift.  I would love to take this apple lace design to the next level and introduce into the point lace weaving embroidery. I am still not sure if I use a deep red or go for a green thread for the apple!










A long time ago I was actually inspired by apples again, as I was illustrating Candy Apple by Donna Karan. The Orignal Sin was the main inspiration for the print.


A simple apple can lead you to a vast collection of ideas….   If you are interested in pre-ordering this print, please email me or leave a comment! At the moment they are not in the shop available not here and not on  Etsy – LorenasInkDesigns



PS: I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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