A touch of purple…………….. A touch of black

A touch of purple…………….. A touch of black

A touch of Purple….A touch of Black 

Have you ever asked yourself what attacks you to a colour? Me, always and every time it;s a different answer! Now I always liked Purple.

Not any kind of purple….. a dark deep, velvety purple…. and a touch of black….. I love purple and been always attracted to agate and amethyst. Purple Agate is one stone that I use on the regular in my designs. It calm the wearer, it hold on to good energy and creates a wonderful save environment for the one who wears it.

A reminder that I love Lavender, that I love creativity, luxury and royalty a colour that is a great representative for peace, dignity and mystery as well as magic, this is purple to me. It also represents the Crown Chakra ( head Chakra) it shows your connection to the universe and spiritual part in you. It;s your connection to creativity

How does purple make you feel? It makes me feel great. It makes me smile and creative. But how does black make you feel like?Elegant, classic, minimalist  and timeless. This is how it makes me feel.

I also want to you check out the video below. Guo Pei a fantastic Haute Couture designer…. She is amazing. Almost all her designs remind me of Romanian Lace and this last collection was exceptional. The

Isn’t her style amazing? The inspiration of the dark ages architectural design is stunning. The structure is fantastic and is so detailed. We lace makers can easy get inspired and create stunning Romanian Point Lace.

Did a colour ever inspire you? If yes, comment below and let’s talk about!



Welcome September…..

Welcome September…..


Well, August is gone, can you believe it? Yup, me neither! But well a new month is waiting to be lived, conquered and discovered. I love September Down Under. It;s great, we start Spring and it;s not melting hot, where the wind is your great buddy! Very pleasant… Living in Brisbane is fabulous. Not toooo hot and not to cold….. But still when I think about September, I think of how September is in Europe. I grew up there so I guess it comes natural , a no brainer!

You are asking what September will bring when it comes to Romanian Lace, well a lot…. but to start the month easy, please check out the images below where you can see that Romanian Point Lace is actually not forgotten or rediscovered in the fashion world.


Dior latest collection is inspired by Romanian Lace….

Study the details and simple beauty that creates a complex field of creativity.

I am exited to see that such a big fashion house it  discovering such an antique lace making craft.

Have a look at the details and image what you can make with this wonderful technique! Are you exited? I  sure am, to see you make it happen!

I am simply in love with the possibilities…. the colours, the threads, that designs it;s all open for you!

Are you with me now?

Exited to try it?

I am preparing soon a simple project that you can make into an item or a larger piece!

But first things, I will take you to the steps on what you will need to make RPL ! So no stress , we get there!

Together we will make it happen, but for now we enjoy September!

  Comment below and let me know how you feel! Are you interested in giving it a go? See the amazing pieces above, from Dior to Guo Pei….. lace is making a comeback!



PS: It would be great to know if you tried Romanian Lace before! Please comment below and get in touch!


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My Top Ten- Fashion Designers

My Top Ten- Fashion Designers

My Top Ten…. Fashion Designers….


You might know that I studied fashion design and so talking and learning about designers was a must. Not only that you learn to know about different styles and building a brand, you discover what designer you like or not and create a list in your head.

So here are my top ten fashion designers….











Trust me it was damn hard to pick only ten… I love so many more…..

There are many more designers, that I admire and pay attention to so here is a bonus top ten designer list , that you might want to check out!






I love hand made fashion and no other continent can reach SOUTH AMERICA when it comes to lace, and crochet fashion so here are my top five fashion designer from South America!






Let me know your favourite designers!



Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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