My top ten Thread Brands

My top ten Thread Brands

My top ten thread brands…..


I have worked with many threads and yarns in my life so far on a professional level and in private. I came across threads and yarns  the went straight in the bin to thread that I started to appreciate and to collect.

This post is a work in progress and and it started in January when I started to think about threads that I love and threads that I stay away from! Today I want to share with you my top ten threads to work with. These brands, are perfect for lace makers, crochet lovers, knitters, tatting friends and so much more….

The main reason for  creating this top ten was to show people who love to create Romanian Point Lace that there are many brands that you can try out to create wonderful lace.

Drum rolls! Here they are!












I want to thank those brands who supplied me with gorgeous threads and yarns for me to test! Thank you very much it, was a pleasure, to work with all of you and to introduce your products to the followers, and new readers who are interested to learn something new.

Do you have a favourite thread brand?






Valdani Thread Earrings

Valdani Thread Earrings

Valdani Thread Earrings 

A while ago I wrote a blog post on Valdani thread…

The pieces that I designed using Romanian Point Lace as a technique are ready. I made a set of earrings, using two threads as a combination.

These threads are amazing for lace making and specially for Romanian Point Lace and Embroidery.



PS: We have our lucky winner for the White Gum Wool Giveaway!

Congrats Marg 🙂



White Gum Wool with White Gum Wool

White Gum Wool with White Gum Wool

 White Gum Wool ….Winter is Coming! 

Down Under we are in the middle of fall and it;s getting cozy cold…. Winter is Coming soon!

I received from White Gum Wool,  same gorgeous wool made in Tasmania, Australia. So if you ever wanted to knit, crochet or even lace make, arm knitting, and so much more…. this is a fantastic brand.

I worked with a fabulous rope yarn that was soft, fantastic to work into a scarf using the arm knitting technique and I had the pleasure to crochet using a free from crochet mixed with afghan crochet a snowflake flower motive.

I am so impressed with the wool, that I would like one of you to try the flame mini skein out!


What you need to do it, go give them and us a  a LIKE on Facebook and on Instagram and subscribe to our

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Collect these five

 point and you will have the opportunity to win a skein 🙂

You have time to enter till the end of April 2017!

Leave a comment below, with your email 🙂 so you can be contacted!

Good luck!

Flame is waiting for you!

Thank you very much White Gum Wool for the fabulous  yarn!

Since Winter is Coming…..

Good luck and stay warm!



Pantone Colours 2017

Pantone Colours 2017

Pantone Colours 2017


Yes it;s time to talk colours – Pantone Colours for S/S 2107 ( Spring/Summer)

Maybe you heard that the top colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery! So what does it mean for us, it means we dive into a colour that is fresh, energetic and hopeful!

Greenery is actually a great colour and can be paired up with so many amazing colours and textures.

Colours that go wonderful with Greenery and have a great transition.


Official top ten colours 2017 by t! 




PS: Keep an eye out for FLAME ! Soon I will be giving a mini FLAME SKEIN AWAY from White Gum Wool!

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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