New York calling

New York calling


I hope you all are doing great and life treats you well. I have been super busy on so many different levels and I find that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all sorted… If you are a mum, you know what I am saying!

I know my last blog post was in July and since then a lot has happened.

We are now mid-November and time is flying. Being a mum the kids come first before any business. So lace making comes in the second spot atm… With that said I want to share with you all what I have been working on in the last months.

I have been invited to take part in a gorgeous exhibition in New York, created by Let’s Curate. Find out more about them HERE and check out the amazing store FLYING SOLO

The designs above are in the Oceania section of the website!

Right now you can check out the exhibition right HERE Opulent Handmade Treasures

Please check out all the other jewelry artists taking part in it! They are very interesting and unique.

At the moment, while the exhibition is ongoing I am trying to finish a new underbust corset using a vibrant combination of orange, reds, and greens. As soon as I can I will update you with images. Rember Romanian Point Lace is all about staying calm and focusing on the fillings, the cord making, and connecting it all together.

Also before I go, I have been asked where to purchase the Digital Subscription series available. It; ‘s simple to visit the Digital Subscription series HERE and you can pick from Romanian Point Lace to Distance Reiki.





Halloween Energy

Halloween Energy

Halloween almost

Are you ready to point lace decor for Halloween? I have been creating for a while ago Halloween patterns.

My little girl is Halloween crazy and so every year, we try something fun out. From crazy costumes to accessories and home decor.

This year she will be Wednesdays from the Addams Family…and so we play with collars and hangman’s ropes….But the classic ghost is still a must, so here is a pattern available.

I remember when she picked the color combo…. an exciting time, coz she got to help out. I did a classic design First and then we went wild…

What do you prefer? Truly, I can’t make up my mind…

Also when it comes to Halloween, I like to add leaves, and here is one motive that turned out ok. To make it more interesting, I created a combo of crochet and Romanian Lace.

You can find the pattern in the store or on Etsy store HERE. Let me know, what would you like to create, a ghost or a leaf.

Also if you like to be updated with specific news from us, you can pick between Romanian Lace, Art or Reiki. Check out Bottom of page! 






If you think about Dreamcatchers, what do you remember or what do you know about? Dreamcatchers originate, from the Native Americans and were first only in a few tribes. They were used in the tipis and were always placed above the sleeping area or the entrance of the tipi. The concept of the Dreamcatcher is to have a circle with a specific geometrical shape inside to catch a nightmare as well as to trap it. The idea is that once the dream is in the catcher the wind will take it away! You have probably seen that many original dreamcatchers have feathers and gemstone beads like Turquoise for protection, or apache tears, black obsidian, and quartz of course. Some had sage leaves on them that would have been changed regularly.

The topic of dreamcatchers is fantastic. The reason, I am interested in dreamcatchers, is my little one. She is six and had some nightmares. Now, I am about to create a dreamcatcher, in Romanian Point Lace of course for her. 

I am creating it in red because red is one of her favorite colors. I am using many shades of red and the size of the catcher is just below 20cm.

I am using different cord sizes as you see below and a few different fillings. The concept of the catcher is to combine a few different fillings harmonically.

If you look at the image, I created a spider wheel, as part of the filling. The reason I included it, was because, the original dreamcatchers, were also called spiders women. Spider-woman would catch and trap the dreams. I am still not sure how I would hang it, but I am sure it will be in an artistic way. I actually think to frame, in an open frame. so the dreams, get trapped and I can smudge them later on…..

At the moment it’s still just an idea! Nothing is set in stone! On that hand, I also want to say that this pattern, is special.

I will gift it to my followers and to those who love to create point lace…

If you are interested in the pattern get in touch, subscribe to that newsletter so you are on the list! Don’t miss out!

If you want to stay up to date, with the progress of the dreamcatcher, check out my INSTAGRAM HERE!


 Let me know how you feel about a dreamcatcher and how was it to use one?




Orchid Pattern….and more!

Orchid Pattern….and more!


I love orchids… so there was no other way around as creating Romanian Point Lace pattern out of it. There is no particular, orchid that I love more, I find them all insanely gorgeous.

So I made a few orchid designs, that not only look great on its own but fantastic as a group. You can create a fabulous unique Point lace doily out of it and so much more!

Since the baby is born, I had no extra time to devote to the orchids and create a full doily out of it, but I am sure you can with the help of these patterns! 

There is a red one, a blue and a dusty pink that has an actual doily pattern to it! I am sure you will love it!

You can find them all in the shop section HERE  Happy Shopping! Enjoy!

I enjoyed creating them all, but I can’t make up my mind, which one is my favorite! What orchid is your favorite and why?

I love them all in a way but what I liked the most, was working with this amazing thread by Romanofir. If you want to try this type of thread, check it out HERE !

This thread is soft, silky but holds its power! It’s organic and comes from a very long tradition of

Drop a comment below and let me know!

XO, Lorena

PS: Call me crazy but I smudged the crochet hook before starting each pattern and also I smudged each pattern after I was done working on it! The pattern got it’s energy back- it takes a lot of energy working on the pattern!

Beltane and Romanian Point Lace

Beltane and Romanian Point Lace


Yes, Beltane, does it ring a bell? Maybe vague or not at all so let me tell you how I know Beltane. It;s a wonderful celebration that is happening on May 1st. It;s just getting cozy warm outside, everybody has his best clothes on ( traditional Trachten – folk costumes – hand made clothes and floral crowns)

There is dance and music and wonderful food and a lot of fun. celebration new beginning and prosper mother nature. It is also known as Kronenfest.
So welcome May and have a happy Beltane! We dress the tables with Romanian Lace and wear the collars in Romanian Point Lace and carry on traditional styles.

What I do specific on this day….. Well, meditate, wear a traditional blouse in my case the Romanian Blouse. I place fresh flowers in the house and now that I have a little one I make her a flower crown.

You can add herbs and all the flowers you like. Enjoy this day and have fun… If the weather is great it;s even better. Even if you cant do it all, your intention is what counts.

Ribbons and wreaths are created – the vibes are wonderful. But an easy thing to do is a May Spring Pole Planter. I still work on one but this is what I found on Pinterest!


I hope you have a great day! If you want to make your own Maypole, check this link out HERE!









Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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